P.1 Real Numbers

by natasha

P.1 Real Numbers powerpoint

P.1 Real Numbers mimio notes

Real Numbers



In this lesson you will learn about:

    • Representing Real Numbers
    • Order of Real NumbersOrder and Interval Notation

    • Basic Properties of Algebra
    • Integer Exponents
    • Scientific Notation

..and why

These topics are fundamental in the study of mathematics and science.


HW Assignments Pages 11-13

Edmodo:#2,18,20,30,32,40,42,44, 54,58,60

Paper-based:#5,7,9,13,18,25,27,33, 37,47,51, 53,57,63


A.1 Radicals and Rational Exponents Notes

A. 2 Polynomials and Factoring

A.3 Rational Expressions Notes