Math 2 02/17/2012

by natasha

The Big Probability Test is scheduled for Tuesday, 02/21/2012.
Below are questions from the textbook that I advise you doing them

Pg. 376/ questions 11-22

Pg. 377/ questions 24-30

In addition, use the two worksheets on odds we had for homework and we did in class:
Probability and Odds (571)
Probability vs. Odds Worksheet (520)

Pg. 382/4-16

Pg. 383/ 17-24

Pg. 398/ 4-24

Pg. 402/ 3-15 Pg. 403/ 16-23

Pg. 409/ 14-15
And making predictions worksheet we did in class yesterday…(well that I do not have as pdf)…but I believe, you all have it!

So enjoy your weekend and get ready for the test!