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Math 02 05/03/2012

No homework!

Math 02 05/02/2012

No homework due tomorrow!

Math 02, 05/01/2012

Back to the Textbook Homework: pg. 94/ 11- 28

Link to the presentation will be posted when fully completed in class..

Math 02 04/30/2012

Let us see if we can do all problems on page 47 from the worksheet I gave in class.
The notes from today’s class: Two-Step Equations with Integers (579)

Math 02 04/27/2012

Math 2 Champs,

I will be collecting The Data Analysis Project on Monday. Please make sure that all requirements listed are completed. It is worth a test grade and is important you all get A GOOD GRADE.

Just in case your parents need it, here is the copy of the project: Data Analysis Project (612)


Math 2 04/26/2012

Hi all…

Some of you might have a homework and some of you might not (depends on how much work you have completed in class)…
In order to move to the next level , we all need the frequency table and histogram completed. So, make sure you have it tomorrow…

Math 02 04/24/2012

No homework

Math 2 04/23/2012

Back to the every day Posts.

Now with the FCAT over we can get back to the regular routine.

HW: textbook pg. 422/4-23 odd….and Please make sure you have all Survey Data in…

We will start working on the project tomorrow and we want to have all data collected. Remember it will be a Test grade, so it is important to get everything done…

Follow this link for the PPT on Frequency Tables and Histograms: Frequency Tables and Histograms (533)

Math 2 03/27/2012

Hi all!


Your homework tonight is from the Volume of Figures Packet

Regular Homework: Practice It! pg. 4

Extra Credit Homework: Apply It! pg. 4 -( 4 extra credits  )



Math 2 02/23/2012

Practice It! - pg 4 from the new packet…

For those missing the class today, here is the link: Volume and Surface Area Packet (1009)

Math 2 03/22/2012

No homework!

Math 2 03/20/2012

Textbook: pg. 298/ 6-9

pg. 302/ 5,7


Page 4 and page 5 of the packet we have been working in class must be completed as well…I know rotation is hard. Give your best!

Math 2 03/19/2012

In the next few days we will be working on the Transformation packet and complete all questions from the packet in school…

Additional work will be assigned for homework.


For today’s homework follow the link:

Reflections and Translations HW (755)

Math 2 03/07/2012

Please use your textbook for your homework tonight: pg. 292/3-23 odd…

The ppt notes on reflection are already posted online…


Math 02 03/02/2012

Ok…more about the quiz on Monday…

as long as you do all questions on pg. 604, and pg. 607 about measurments you will be fine…You need to pay more attention to Metric System…and just be careful…

Homework for tonight (ops this weekend) is pg. 607/ 1-35 odd…

Make sure you have your Reference Sheet with you…We will be using it…

Math 2 03/01/2012

Make sure you have 2 papers for tomorrow:

Finish the Quiz Review we were working on today and the worksheet I gave you in class:  Word problems on Metric Measurements…

I will try to post both papers later today.

Math 2 02/29/2012

Finally my Period 1 left with no homework for the day. Good work ladies! Excellent work gentleman!

Period 2 and Period 3 must complete the Capacity and Volume pages of the link posted online on Monday…Weight, Mass and Capacity (605)


Math 2 02/27/2012

Well tonight I want you top carefully consider working on your extra credit assignment…Area is though but not that though not to be done…I know you are up to a challenge…so do it!
Regular homework on the other side is something you will find fairly easy to work on…First 3 pages of the packet I gave you in school is due tomorrow…

Included are:
Customary Units of Weight
Metric Units of Weight
Measuring Mass
The scanner/ printer works now, so I might have that posted on by the end of the day…


And YES!…here it is..Weight, Mass and Capacity (605)

Math 2 02/24/2012

Good morning everyone…

I hope you have a great weekend…Just a short note about your homework assignment over the weekend…I have listed a lot of questions, but it takes a second for getting them answered…It shouldn’t take you no longer than 30-45 min to complete them all…

Textbook pg. 605

Questions: 3, 4, 6, 7,9, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 34, 36, 37

In addition,

Period 2: Converting Units of Length and Measuring Length 2 should be fully completed…

Math 2 02/21/2012

We are starting a very short unit tomorrow Coordinate Plane and Units of Measurement, so we will definitely have a quiz either on Friday or Monday…

Points in the Coordinate Plane worksheet I gave in class is due for homework…

I will have that uploaded later today…

Math 2 02/17/2012

The Big Probability Test is scheduled for Tuesday, 02/21/2012.
Below are questions from the textbook that I advise you doing them

Pg. 376/ questions 11-22

Pg. 377/ questions 24-30

In addition, use the two worksheets on odds we had for homework and we did in class:
Probability and Odds (717)
Probability vs. Odds Worksheet (617)

Pg. 382/4-16

Pg. 383/ 17-24

Pg. 398/ 4-24

Pg. 402/ 3-15 Pg. 403/ 16-23

Pg. 409/ 14-15
And making predictions worksheet we did in class yesterday…(well that I do not have as pdf)…but I believe, you all have it!

So enjoy your weekend and get ready for the test!

Math 2 02/16/2012

Period 2 and 3

textbook: pg. 409/ 14-18

Period 1

HW is the worksheet I gave you in class…The textbook homework mentioned above will be an extra credit…CAN YOU DO IT?

Math 2 02/15/2012

No homework for the day….Lucky you!
Ops…not all classes are lucky:(…Period 3 is going home with a homework…Probability and Odds (717)
Remember! - all Probability Power Point Presentations are posted…
And of course, remember there will be Test - next Tuesday…I will not be giving any homework assignments over the weekend, but you MUST practice for the test….

Math 2 02/14/2012

If you missed my class for any reason, the lesson is posted already: Lesson 6 - Probability vs. Odds (552)

Probability vs. Odds Worksheet is due tomorrow…
Here is the worksheet link if needed…Probability vs. Odds Worksheet (617)

Math 2 02/13/2012

A worksheet given in class is due tomorrow…Follow the link if you need to get an extra copy…Probability of Compound Events Practice (508)

Math 2 02/09/2012

Good Morning champs,

I haven’t posted anything in the past 2 days…Crazy schedule…Now I am back to normal, so here is the work from today…

Compound Events Notes (8.6) are posted here Lesson 5 - Probability of Compound Events (368)…I hope that helps…

Use the following link to get your homework assignment…Compound Probability Worksheet Day 1 (627)…Ops! My 3rd period has no HOMEWORK!

Plus remember, I will be doing a binder check tomorrow..Make sure you have your binders ready…

Math 2 Homework 02/06/2012

pg.382/ 9-21 odd

Math 2 Homework 02/03/2012

If you didn’t come to school today or missed a class here is what we did: Experimental and Theoretical Worksheet (1007)
Experimental Probability Homework

Follow the link: Experimental Probability Homework (697)

Math 2 Homework 02/01/2012

Textbook Homework: pg. 402/ 3-21 odd

Math 2 Homework 01/31/2012


You have to do a fold-able again. We will use the same words:

- probability
- likely/unlikely
- simple events
- sample space
- compliment

will try to write new definitions, and give different examples…
Please use markers, color pencils and BE CREATIVE!

Math 2 Homework 01/30/2012

Theoretical Probability Homework

If you need a copy follow the link:Theoretical Probability Homework (521)..

Math 2 Homework 01/27/2012

No Homework over the weekend!

Enjoy the rides and all fun with the carnival…

Math 2 Homework 01/26/2012

Will take me some time to post the presentation we had in class today…I will have it done in few hours..
Your homework however is here..

Textbook pg. 376 questions 5- 19 odd

Math 2 Homework 01/25/2015

One more day with no homework!

Remember! We will have short Quiz tomorrow…Review the work we did in class…

Math 2 Homework 01/24/2012

Good Afternoon all!

Notes from today class are already available online!

As homework varies from period to period, please follow the links to find yours:

Period 3:Direct and Inverse Variation Worksheet (6189)

Period 1 and 2: No homework

Period 3 Students! I am aware that the assignments might be hard…Do your best! Will talk about all questions in class…

Math 2 Homework 01/20/2012

Do not forget the notes from today’s presentation are uploaded in Mrs. Paunovska’s Notes…Look at the Direct Variation Part 2

The Worksheet we started in class: Compare Direct and Inverse Variation is an extra credit assignment due on Tuesday…

Math 2 Homework 01/19/2012

Your turn!

For homework, create 10 direct variation WORD problems and solve them. 

Do not forget the notes from today’s presentation are uploaded in Mrs. Paunovska’s Notes…

Math 2 Homework 01/18/2012

Direct Variation Worksheet  is to be completed for homework tonight. If you haven’t received a copy today, follow the link for download:

Direct Variation Worksheet (731)


Do not forget the notes from today’s presentation are uploaded in Mrs. Paunovska’s Notes…

Math 2 Homework 01/17/2012

I still have not figured out how to keep the same post over the weekend. Sorry!
As for now, use the calendar on your left if searching for older posts.

I do believe that the results on this quiz will be much better than the one we had last week.

And, to make your day, no homework will be due tomorrow…

Math 2 Homework 01/15/2012

For the Friday posting go to Calendar and choose the date on Friday

Math 2 Homework 01/13/2012

We didn’t get the good results on the Quiz we did on Tuesday, so we got an additional day for review…

Do the other form of the quiz attached for homework. More practice will not hurt you…

Period 1 - do form A,

Periods 2 and 3 - do form B

Then check your work here:

Quiz 3 Key - Form A (665);Quiz 3 Key - Form B (567)


Math 2 Homework 01/12/2012

Second day of testing (Interim Assessment is still going on), and probably no homework assignments yet. We will definitely have one tomorrow.

Math 2 Homework 01/10/2012

No Homework…

The Interim Assesssment tests will be administered on Wednesday and Thursday, so no homework will be given until Friday.

I hope you all do well on today’s quiz!

Math 2 Homework 01/09/2012

No Homework; However, 3 important things on the agenda today:

1. Quiz 3 (Q2) – Proportional Reasoning Practice Quiz (5.5; 5.7; 5.8() (597) (open notebook),…I want you to see the importance of taking notes and using your binders (might be an extra credit:)…you never know)

Quiz 3(Q2) - Proportional Reasoning- Practice (5.5, 5.7, and 5.8) KEY (522)


2. Binder Check

3. Remember: Quiz tomorrow…

Math 2 Homework 01/06/2011

Textbook Homework:

pg. 243: 9-27 Odd Questions only

There will be Practice Quiz on Monday (01/09/2011) and an actual Quiz on Tuesday (01/09/2011)…Lessons included 5.5, 5.7, and 5.8

Math 2 Homework 01/06/2012

Textbook Homework:

pg. 243: 9-27 Odd Questions only

Math 2 Homework 01/05/2012

Textbook: pg. 239 Questions 19-33

Math 2 Homework 01/04/2012

Textbook Homework HW: pg. 239/ 5-7, 12-17 (all questions)

Math 2 Homework 02/03/2012

Probability Problem Solving EXTRA CREDIT Homework…

If you need an extra copy follow the link: Probability - Problem Solving Homework (503)

Math 2 Homework 01/03/2012

Textbook Homework pg. 230/ 11-39 (odd)

Math II – Homework – 12/30/2011

No homework…

Math II – Homework – 12/29/2011