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Analysis of Functions 05/03/2012

Your test review is due tomorrow! Follow the link posted yesterday!

Analysis of Functions 05/02/2012

No homework for tomorrow, but your test review is due on Friday! Here is the link for that: Review 1 to 4 (646)

Analysis of Functions 05/02/2012

Hw: pg: 723/(41 -51)….pg. 731/ 41-49 (even)..

I will have the practice worksheets posted later in the day…

Analysis of Functions 04/30/2012

Hw: pg: 723/(41 -51)….pg. 731/ 41-49 (odd)

Analysis of Functions 04/27/2012

Period 4:

3 and 4 - Properties of Logs needs to be completed( please complete just the first page of the worksheet)..
Follow the link to get it 3 and 4 Properties of Logs Worksheet (1194)
Note: The school notes on Solving Equations with Logs can be found here:4- Solving Equations with Logarithms (471)

Period 7: 3 and 4 - Properties of Logs ( please complete just the first page of the worksheet)..
Note: The school notes on Property of Logs can be found here: 3-Properties of Logarithms (525)

Analysis of Functions 04/26/2012

Period 4:

3 and 4 - Properties of Logs ( please complete just the first page of the worksheet)..
Follow the link to get it 3 and 4 Properties of Logs Worksheet (1194)

Period 7: No homework

Note: The school notes on Property of Logs can be found here: 3-Properties of Logarithms (525)

Analysis of Function 02/24/2012

Period 4 Finish the Logarithmic Functions Worksheet.
Period 7 No homework.

Analysis of Functions 04/23/2012

Back to the every day Posts.

Now with the FCAT over we can get back to the regular routine.

HW: textbook pg. 723/20-40 odd..


Follow this link for the class notes on Logarithmic Functions: 2 - Logarithmic Functions (1466)

Analysis of Functions 03/27/2012

No Homework again…Just make sure you practice for the Quiz…

Analysis of Functions 03/23/2012

Complete Worksheet Day 2 (Rational Functions)

Analysis of Functions 03/22/2012

Worksheet 2   1-9

Analysis of Functions 03/19/2012

No homework for today…

I will be checking 8.2 ( Simple Rational Functions tomorrow in class)

Analysis of Functions 03/07/2012


Graphing Simple Rational Functions should be fully completed…

Analysis of Functions 03/02/2012

As discussed erlier today, you better do your project at home…We only haver one day left on Monday, and it might be not enough for you to complete that…

So do it!

Analysis of Functions

No homework for you today. Make sure you have your photo/ picture with you tomorrow.

Analysis of Functions 02/29/2012

Huh…I have finally updated the Polynomial Functions Section…right on time for the test…It might help you tonight…

The best thing to do is to spent few hours on the Chapter Test Review New (632)…and for sure you will do well on the test..,



Analysis of Functions 02/27/2012

Think about your polynomial functions project and pictures and instructions we shared in class…
Are you up for that challenge?

I am sure, you can do it…

Analysis of Functions 02/24/2012

The worksheet given in class is homework due tomorrow…I will post that later…

Analysis of Functions 02/21/2012

Day 1 Worksheet on Finding Zeros of Polynomial Functions is due tomorrow…I will have the worksheet uploaded later today…

Analysis of Functions 02/17/2012

No homework over the weekend!

Enjoy it! You had a BIG Quiz today…

Analysis of Functions 02/16/2012


Analysis of Functions 02/15/2012

Good morning all!

It seems that no one has homework today…Enjoy your afternoon…however, remember there will be a quiz on Friday…so use your time wisely….

Analysis of Functions 02/14/2012

Period 7…pg. 226/ 14-19

Period 4 no homework…Hura!

Analysis of Functions 02/13/2012

Period 7

Your homework is the last page of the packet we did in class today..

Period 4

Your homework is slightly different….In addition to the last page, you have to do pg. 226/ 14-19 from the textbook as well…

Analysis of Functions 02/09/2012

No Homework

Analysis of Functions 02/06/2012

Polynomial Functions Part 2 - to be completed Worksheet 4 - Polynomial Functions DAY TWO (3035)

Analysis of Functions 02/03/2012

No homework over the weekend!

Analysis of Functions 02/02/2012

Polynomial Functions Part 1 Worksheet
Follow the link Worksheet 3 - Polynomial Functions DAY ONE (1720)

Analysis of Functions 02/01/2012


No homework today…

Analysis of Functions 01/31/2012

And more textbook homework: pg. 210/ 15-37 odd

Analysis of Functions 01/30/2012

Long time no textbook homework…Well, here is the one for today: pg. 219/ 13-33 odd

Analysis of Functions 02/02/2012

No Homework

Analysis of Functions 01/27/2012

Complete the Parabola Day 2 Worksheet!
Additional Work will be done in class…

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/25/2012

Well…Here I am, 6:02 PM and still at the school working..Kind of got in trouble with posting the assignment I gave in class today…At this point, I am not sure I will get that done tonight:)
I have 2 games to watch:)…If not, I will have it ready for tomorrow.

I might see you tonight!

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/20/2012

No homework over the weekend! Enjoy it!

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/19/2012

No homework today!


You have deserved it….

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/18/2012

Do not forget…Chapter Test will be tomorrow..



Today’s review key: Trigonometry Test Review Key (761)

Follow the link for more practice questions…


Quiz 5.3 Review 1 (741)


Analysis of Functions Homework 01/17/2012

For the upcoming test on Thursday, we want to do a lot of practice.

Your homework today will be Worksheet 5.3 Part 5

Follow the link, if you haven’et received your copy today…
Worksheet 5.3 Part 5 (876)

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/13/2012

Homework: Worksheet 5.3 Part 3…Follow the link:

Worksheet 5.3 - Part 3 (624)

Warm Quiz on Monday might surprise you:

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/12/ 2012

Homework for tomorrow:Finish the Example 1 on pg.7 ….a-f

Parent signature on the Assignment Report is due by Friday!

For solutions on the last night homework follow the link below:
Worksheet 5.3 Part 2 KEY (1030)

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/11/2012

Homework:Worksheet 5.3 - Part 2 (1527)

Your quiz-grades are in…Again, congrats on the good job you did!

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/10/2012

No Homework…

I hope you all do well on today’s quiz!

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/09/2012

No Homework; However, 3 important things on the agenda today:

1.Practice Quiz 3 (Q2) – The Trigonometric Functions Part 1 (605)(open notebook)…I want you to see the importance of taking notes and using your binders (might be an extra credit:)…you never know)

I will have the solutions posted later in the afternoon…

Quiz 5.3 Part 1 - Practice KEY (750)


2. Binder Check

3. Remember: Quiz tomorrow…

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/06/2012

No homework! However, remember:

There will be a Practice Quiz on Monday (01/09/2011) and an actual Quiz on Tuesday (01/09/2011)…

Analysis of Functions

No homework

Analysis of Functions 01/05/2012

No homework…However, there will be a Warm Up Quiz tomorrow…

Here are the names with A on the quiz #5 …Good job guys

P4: Nadia, Fani, Spencer, Mitchell and Weston….GREAT! GREAT! GREAT!

P7: Edely, Vanessa, Ludgi, Astrid, Sheanez

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/04/2012

Analysis of Functions Homework 01/03/2012

No Homework

Analysis Of Functions – Homework 12/29/2011