5.3 Kites and Trapezoids

by natasha

5.3 Kites and Trapezoids powerpoint

5.3 Kites and Trapezoids pdf


In this lesson you will


● Investigate the properties of kites

● Investigate properties of trapezoids and isosceles trapezoids

kite is a quadrilateral with two distinct pairs of congruent consecutive sides.

The angles between congruent sides are called vertex angles. We’ll refer to the other two angles as nonvertex angles.

A kite has one line of reflectional symmetry, just like an isosceles triangle.


A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel sides.

The parallel sides are called bases.

A pair of angles that share a base as a common side are called base angles.  


5.3 Kites and Trapezoids Homework