Month: March, 2012

Analysis of Functions 03/27/2012

No Homework again…Just make sure you practice for the Quiz…

Intensive Math 03/27/2012

Math 2 03/27/2012

Hi all!


Your homework tonight is from the Volume of Figures Packet

Regular Homework: Practice It! pg. 4

Extra Credit Homework: Apply It! pg. 4 -( 4 extra credits  )



Intensive Math 02/23/2012

No homework…

Math 2 02/23/2012

Practice It! - pg 4 from the new packet…

For those missing the class today, here is the link: Volume and Surface Area Packet (970)

Analysis of Functions 03/23/2012

Complete Worksheet Day 2 (Rational Functions)

Intensive Math 03/22/2012

No homework

Analysis of Functions 03/22/2012

Worksheet 2   1-9

Math 2 03/22/2012

No homework!

Intensive Math 03/20/2012

Few students got a homework assignment (finishing the worksheet they didn’t finish in class)…Still working on the same packets (refer to yesterdays posting to get copy if needed)

Analysis of Functions 03/20/2012

Worksheet Day 1 must be completed for tomorrow…(we did most of the odd questions in class)..soooo…you only have th even questions left…

If you have missed a class today I will have some extras tomorrow in class…All the worksheets will be posted by the end of the week here…

Math 2 03/20/2012

Textbook: pg. 298/ 6-9

pg. 302/ 5,7


Page 4 and page 5 of the packet we have been working in class must be completed as well…I know rotation is hard. Give your best!

Analysis of Functions 03/19/2012

No homework for today…

I will be checking 8.2 ( Simple Rational Functions tomorrow in class)

Intensive Math 03/19/2012


In the next few days we will be reviewing:


6th Grade - Intro to Algebra

6th Grade Chapter 2 (3169)

7th Grade - Integers

7th Grade Chapter 2 (2628)

8th Grade - Rational Numbers

8th Grade Chapter 2 (763)

Math 2 03/19/2012

In the next few days we will be working on the Transformation packet and complete all questions from the packet in school…

Additional work will be assigned for homework.


For today’s homework follow the link:

Reflections and Translations HW (712)

Intensive Math 03/07/2012

No homework…

Analysis of Functions 03/07/2012


Graphing Simple Rational Functions should be fully completed…

Math 2 03/07/2012

Please use your textbook for your homework tonight: pg. 292/3-23 odd…

The ppt notes on reflection are already posted online…


Intensive Math 03/02/2012

No homework!

Analysis of Functions 03/02/2012

As discussed erlier today, you better do your project at home…We only haver one day left on Monday, and it might be not enough for you to complete that…

So do it!

Math 02 03/02/2012

Ok…more about the quiz on Monday…

as long as you do all questions on pg. 604, and pg. 607 about measurments you will be fine…You need to pay more attention to Metric System…and just be careful…

Homework for tonight (ops this weekend) is pg. 607/ 1-35 odd…

Make sure you have your Reference Sheet with you…We will be using it…

Intensive Math 03/01/2012

No homework!

Analysis of Functions

No homework for you today. Make sure you have your photo/ picture with you tomorrow.

Math 2 03/01/2012

Make sure you have 2 papers for tomorrow:

Finish the Quiz Review we were working on today and the worksheet I gave you in class:  Word problems on Metric Measurements…

I will try to post both papers later today.