Month: February, 2012

Intensive Math 02/29/2012

Remember, the assignment that needs to be done was given to you in class today…Good Luck!

Math 2 02/29/2012

Finally my Period 1 left with no homework for the day. Good work ladies! Excellent work gentleman!

Period 2 and Period 3 must complete the Capacity and Volume pages of the link posted online on Monday…Weight, Mass and Capacity (547)


Analysis of Functions 02/29/2012

Huh…I have finally updated the Polynomial Functions Section…right on time for the test…It might help you tonight…

The best thing to do is to spent few hours on the Chapter Test Review New (584)…and for sure you will do well on the test..,



Analysis of Functions 02/27/2012

Think about your polynomial functions project and pictures and instructions we shared in class…
Are you up for that challenge?

I am sure, you can do it…

Intensive Math 02/27/2012

We started Waste and Recycling Unit last week…I know, I know…many of you still question this, but a lot of math is actually involved…

If you have an access to the computer at home, this is something we will be working on at school today:

You might want to further explore at home…

Math 2 02/27/2012

Well tonight I want you top carefully consider working on your extra credit assignment…Area is though but not that though not to be done…I know you are up to a challenge…so do it!
Regular homework on the other side is something you will find fairly easy to work on…First 3 pages of the packet I gave you in school is due tomorrow…

Included are:
Customary Units of Weight
Metric Units of Weight
Measuring Mass
The scanner/ printer works now, so I might have that posted on by the end of the day…


And YES!…here it is..Weight, Mass and Capacity (547)

Analysis of Functions 02/24/2012

The worksheet given in class is homework due tomorrow…I will post that later…

Math 2 02/24/2012

Good morning everyone…

I hope you have a great weekend…Just a short note about your homework assignment over the weekend…I have listed a lot of questions, but it takes a second for getting them answered…It shouldn’t take you no longer than 30-45 min to complete them all…

Textbook pg. 605

Questions: 3, 4, 6, 7,9, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 32, 34, 36, 37

In addition,

Period 2: Converting Units of Length and Measuring Length 2 should be fully completed…

Analysis of Functions 02/21/2012

Day 1 Worksheet on Finding Zeros of Polynomial Functions is due tomorrow…I will have the worksheet uploaded later today…

Intensive Math 02/21/2012

Math 2 02/21/2012

We are starting a very short unit tomorrow Coordinate Plane and Units of Measurement, so we will definitely have a quiz either on Friday or Monday…

Points in the Coordinate Plane worksheet I gave in class is due for homework…

I will have that uploaded later today…

Analysis of Functions 02/17/2012

No homework over the weekend!

Enjoy it! You had a BIG Quiz today…

Intensive Math 02/17/2012

Math 2 02/17/2012

The Big Probability Test is scheduled for Tuesday, 02/21/2012.
Below are questions from the textbook that I advise you doing them

Pg. 376/ questions 11-22

Pg. 377/ questions 24-30

In addition, use the two worksheets on odds we had for homework and we did in class:
Probability and Odds (646)
Probability vs. Odds Worksheet (567)

Pg. 382/4-16

Pg. 383/ 17-24

Pg. 398/ 4-24

Pg. 402/ 3-15 Pg. 403/ 16-23

Pg. 409/ 14-15
And making predictions worksheet we did in class yesterday…(well that I do not have as pdf)…but I believe, you all have it!

So enjoy your weekend and get ready for the test!

Intensive Math 02/16/2012

No updates here yet!

Analysis of Functions 02/16/2012


Math 2 02/16/2012

Period 2 and 3

textbook: pg. 409/ 14-18

Period 1

HW is the worksheet I gave you in class…The textbook homework mentioned above will be an extra credit…CAN YOU DO IT?

Analysis of Functions 02/15/2012

Good morning all!

It seems that no one has homework today…Enjoy your afternoon…however, remember there will be a quiz on Friday…so use your time wisely….

Intensive Math 02/15/2012

No updates yet….

Math 2 02/15/2012

No homework for the day….Lucky you!
Ops…not all classes are lucky:(…Period 3 is going home with a homework…Probability and Odds (646)
Remember! - all Probability Power Point Presentations are posted…
And of course, remember there will be Test - next Tuesday…I will not be giving any homework assignments over the weekend, but you MUST practice for the test….

Intensive Math 02/14/2012

Analysis of Functions 02/14/2012

Period 7…pg. 226/ 14-19

Period 4 no homework…Hura!

Math 2 02/14/2012

If you missed my class for any reason, the lesson is posted already: Lesson 6 - Probability vs. Odds (507)

Probability vs. Odds Worksheet is due tomorrow…
Here is the worksheet link if needed…Probability vs. Odds Worksheet (567)

Intensive Math 02/13/2012

Still no update here…

Math 2 02/13/2012

A worksheet given in class is due tomorrow…Follow the link if you need to get an extra copy…Probability of Compound Events Practice (459)

Analysis of Functions 02/13/2012

Period 7

Your homework is the last page of the packet we did in class today..

Period 4

Your homework is slightly different….In addition to the last page, you have to do pg. 226/ 14-19 from the textbook as well…

Intensive Math 02/09/2012

No news here!

Math 2 02/09/2012

Good Morning champs,

I haven’t posted anything in the past 2 days…Crazy schedule…Now I am back to normal, so here is the work from today…

Compound Events Notes (8.6) are posted here Lesson 5 - Probability of Compound Events (328)…I hope that helps…

Use the following link to get your homework assignment…Compound Probability Worksheet Day 1 (567)…Ops! My 3rd period has no HOMEWORK!

Plus remember, I will be doing a binder check tomorrow..Make sure you have your binders ready…

Analysis of Functions 02/09/2012

No Homework

Analysis of Functions 02/06/2012

Polynomial Functions Part 2 - to be completed Worksheet 4 - Polynomial Functions DAY TWO (2937)

Math 2 Homework 02/06/2012

pg.382/ 9-21 odd

Analysis of Functions 02/03/2012

No homework over the weekend!

Intensive Math 02/03/2012

Math 2 Homework 02/03/2012

If you didn’t come to school today or missed a class here is what we did: Experimental and Theoretical Worksheet (947)
Experimental Probability Homework

Follow the link: Experimental Probability Homework (640)

Intensive Math 02/02/2012

Analysis of Functions 02/02/2012

Polynomial Functions Part 1 Worksheet
Follow the link Worksheet 3 - Polynomial Functions DAY ONE (1642)

Analysis of Functions 02/01/2012


No homework today…

Intensive Math 02/01/2012

Math 2 Homework 02/01/2012

Textbook Homework: pg. 402/ 3-21 odd